About EAONO 2018

The main purpose of EAONO is education. Education of younger colleagues to reach the highest level of specialisation in otology and neurotology, ultimately to the benefit of patients suffering from diseases within these fields. At the heart of dedicated education we find science – from basic science at the bench to cutting-edge clinical science at the bedside. Thus, a scientific base for teaching is at the core of the EAONO soul.
Our bi-annual instructional courses combined with consensus sessions is the main activity of EAONO and at these gatherings you will find a faculty of global leaders in the field, dedicated to teaching at the highest international level. Consensus sessions set the golden standard for contemporary treatment, implementing current scientific knowledge and pushing the limits for what is possible when we work in our out-clinics and operating rooms.
For further information on EAONO, please go to www.eaono.org.


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