• The frontiers of cochlear implantation indications and surgical technique
  • Simulator-based surgical training – virtual reality is here!
  • State of the art imaging of the middle and inner ear
  • Audiology of middle ear and bone anchored hearing systems
  • Impaired middle ear ventilation – evidence based treatment?
  • Cochlear implantation in single sided deafness
  • The cutting edge of vestibular function testing
  • Bone anchored hearing system or middle ear implant– who should have which?
  • Intraoperative monitoring of cochlear and facial nerve function
  • Vestibular function in cochlear implantation
  • Vestibular schwannoma – natural history and prediction of tumor growth
  • Mastoidectomy – changing indications and historical aspects
  • Third window lesions – contemporary treatment options
  • Hearing preservation in cochlear implantation
  • Endolymphatic sac function and surgery
  • Oto-surgical training in developing countries
  • Middle and inner ear drug delivery
  • Bone anchored hearing systems – state of the art
  • Ossiculoplasty and cartilage tympanoplasty
  • Methods of CSF leak repair
  • Robots in ear surgery
  • Pathogenesis and surgical techniques in otosclerosis
  • Otitis media and complications – new trends of treatment
  • Cochlear implantation in children – what is the best rehabilitation method?
  • Congenital (inner) ear malformation –morphology, function and surgical intervention
  • Guidelines for cholesteatoma treatment

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