Address: PANUM – Blegdamsvej 3B

PANUM Maersk Tower – an architectural prize winner

(Address: Blegdamsvej 3)

In 2017, The Maersk Tower was completed as an extension and modernization of The Panum Institute, which is the home of The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at The University of Copenhagen. The Maersk Towers offers up-to-date biomedical laboratory facilities, classrooms, auditoriums, a new canteen, a new bicycle cellar and a new, stylish main entrance.

With 15 floors, a distinctive architectural outline and a cobber façade controlling the internal climate, the tower is now a new landmark in Copenhagen.

The tower has already won three international architectural prizes. At the ‘The World Architecture Festival’ in Berlin 2017, the tower won first prize in the category ‘Higher Education & Research – Completed Buildings Winner’. The innovative climate controlling cobber façade won first prize in the category ‘European Copper in Architecture Award 2017’ and the grass roof of 5000 square meter won the special prize »Scandinavian Green Roof Award«. The roof is part of the Faculty nature park, which houses a wilder nature than otherwise seen in Copenhagen, with a broader range of plant species. The 60 sewn and planted species were the ones that existed on the old Copenhagen grassing fields until around 1840. The grass roof absorbs large amounts of raining water, thus decreasing the need for drainage.

Facts about The Maersk Tower

  • The Maersk Tower has a floor space of 42,700 square metres.
  • The Maersk Tower is 15 floors or 75 metres tall from street level. It is slightly taller than Rigshospitalet’s helipad at 71 metres.
  • The tower is mainly intended for research laboratories, classrooms and auditoriums, canteen and bicycle cellar. 12 of the floors contain modern research laboratories and offices.
  • Address (Main Entrance): Blegdamsvej 3B , 2200 Copenhagen N. 


  • 7,700 square meters of the old Panum have been demolished to make room for the new building and the new main square facing Blegdamsvej.
  • With the Maersk Tower the total floor space of Panum has increased from 105,000 to 140,000 square metres.
  • The building has bicycle parking for 2,350 bicycles: 950 under cover in the basement and 1,400 in the campus park.
  • The building contains three, ultramodern auditoriums, giving the students the best possible physical surroundings. The largest auditorium seats 504.
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